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We help a broad range of micro and creative businesses through Affordable Workspace® and Business Support and we add value through Intelligent Placemaking.

Supporting creative talent across London

Enterprise and creativity in all its forms is at the heart of the Nation and our communities, across all talent and diversity. In these ever-changing and challenging times we have to think global, but act and support local. We develop and manage Affordable Workspace® together with Business Support. Helping a broad range of Small Businesses across London, we retain and nurture the talent within our Communities. Partnering with House Builders, Developers and Boroughs we deliver on social outputs and add value through intelligent placemaking. We can do this, let’s do it together.

Our Workspace Expertise

We have decades of affordable workspace expertise and experience, it’s our specialism. We value strategic partnerships and are keen to get involved from an early stage in the planning process to help achieve the very best outcomes.  

Why not use us as a resource for a better planning gain outcome? 

Our Workspace Partnerships

We work proactively and strategically with boroughs to improve social outputs. We are on many boroughs’ Approved Affordable Workspace® Provider Lists and have had input in affordable workspace strategies and policies. Our work with many developer and house builder teams at the pre-app stage gives them a compelling advantage. Our discreet involvement helps achieve a better outcome and a long-term strategic alliance. Our developer partners value our s106 planning input and support throughout the planning process together with our commitment to add value through great placemaking as the affordable workspace operator of the finished workspace. It’s this peace of mind that our developer partners value and that we have the scale, experience and resources to make it happen. We remove the risk and distraction of managing affordable workspace, when it is built, allowing developers to move on and not be management time distracted.

Welcome to a better way, the Affordable Workspace Partnership way.

We align and assist those that have great potential but may have unfair disadvantages through inequality, social exclusion or lack of opportunities. 

We aim to provide green buildings with high levels of efficiency, reducing energy consumption, water and other resources, to minimize pollution. 

We endeavor to add social and economic value by providing additional social outputs and through intelligent place-making. 

We are very proud of our track record which is second to none and we have a large number of wonderful testimonials that motivate us to continue to deliver the highest standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are on many Local Authority Approved Workspace Provider Lists.

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Diversity and Inclusivity

The Team


We ensure we have vibrant and inclusive spaces, where we support and mentor talent from all backgrounds

Supporting creative talent across London

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