We are on all the key London Borough approved and preferred workspace provider lists and work strategically with the Mayor of London’s office.

With decades of experience in supporting Housebuilders and asset owners, we support and deliver the best s106 planning outcomes and enhance placemaking operations, which speed up residential rates of sale, through our proven track record of operational excellence.

An s106 obligation to provide Affordable Workspaces®… another contribution on top of Affordable Housing doesn’t sound ideal. 
The Mayor’s 2021 London Plan requires Local Authorities to secure Affordable Workspace® through s106 Agreements. A practice set to become commonplace as more Local Authorities introduce the Affordable Workspace Policy to support employment within all communities.

What Does This Mean For Developers?

Across all London Boroughs, developers are likely to be asked within s106 obligations to deliver up to 10% of a development’s floor space as Affordable Workspace, discounted at between 20% to 100% below market value or rent. 

This is a policy that will gain great momentum, just as the s106 Affordable Housing Policy did when first introduced.   

Why Is Affordable Workspace Vital?

The availability of Affordable Workspace is vital for innovation and growth. 

Workspace rent in London is a barrier for start-ups, micro businesses, creatives and artists. Brexit and the pandemic have ravaged the economy and London in particular.

It has never been more important to support the talent of today for a better tomorrow, especially those disadvantaged or under-represented.

Partner With Us at Pre-App and Secure the Best Commercial Outcome

The 2021 London Plan E3(D) states: ‘Applicants (Developers) are encouraged to engage with workspace providers at an early stage in the planning process to ensure that the space is configured and managed efficiently’. 

Many Affordable Workspace operators are naïve, underfunded and too reliant on grant funding. They are often managed by inexperienced staff and volunteers who have the very best intentions but can hinder a planning application and operational failure can occur, resulting in embarrassment and costs for all.

We are very different and your best commercial partner, combining decades of housebuilding and development experience with charitable intent. As a professionally run and well-financed organisation, we understand the challenges involved with property development.

We understand your commercials and how contributions across s106 can seriously impact viability, especially at a time of COVID and supply chain inflation. 

Our team have an extensive background and decades of experience in commercial development, house building and affordable workspace within the charity sector. We have strong support from key decision-makers within most local authorities.

Our unique combination of knowledge, experience, skills and reputation allows us to aid our Developer Partners to successfully navigate through the planning process, from pre-app to full planning approval.

Our involvement and valuable free consultancy will speed up the planning process and result in lower consultancy and construction costs and the best outcome.

Some of Our Partners

If the right Affordable Workspace® Partner is engaged early in the planning process, s106 is a solution, not a problem.

We are Affordable Workspace® Partnership - we make Affordable Workspaces work, so let’s partner up!

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