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Working strategically and practically with our Local Authority Partners, delivering the best social outputs for our Communities.

Our Local Partners and Authorities

​Supporting the Under-represented​

Work With ​ Us

Choosing the right Affordable Workspace® Operator with a team of great experience, knowledge and financial strength ensures success for the community and avoids embarrassing mistakes.

Our reputation is our currency. Our charitable intent is a principle and is practically delivered, with fairness at the heart of why and what we do.

We have over 30 years of delivering Affordable Workspace® and additional social outputs within the charity and commercial sectors and providing customer service excellence that exceeds others’ expectations.

We Make Affordable Workspaces Work

Many Affordable Workspace® Operators are volunteers with great intentions, but are usually inexperienced, under-resourced and overly reliant on grant funding. Our team has an extensive background built up over many decades in successfully building and running charities, commercial developments and the management of Affordable Workspace® Provision. Our unique combination of knowledge, experience and skills guarantees the delivery of high-quality workspaces, which will be well maintained and expertly managed with exciting social outputs. Fairness is at the heart of all we do.

We are Passionately Committed to Sustainability

We aim to always have buildings that are ‘A’ EPC rated, use LED and motion sensor lighting, low-flow aerators, low water flow toilets, best green energy principles and no gas. We operate a cycle-to-work scheme and an electric car salary sacrifice scheme.

In promoting a recycling and energy-saving culture within our buildings, it’s easy for all of our resident entrepreneurs to support us in acting responsibly. Indeed, we make it a condition of occupancy which we embrace.

1000s of Micro Businesses & Creatives Awaiting Spaces​

We need new buildings to deliver Affordable Workspace® to thousands of talented people across London. We seek below-market price buildings through s106 Planning Gain Agreements or meanwhile buildings. Get in touch with us today if you have a suitable development that would be perfect for one of our Creative Studios.

Your Perfect s106 & Placemaking Partner

The 2021 London Plan Policy E3 states‘Applicants (Developers) are encouraged to engage with workspace providers at an early stage in the planning process to ensure that the space is configured and managed efficiently’. 

Our decades of experience allow us to add value in design, planning and best social output principles.

Our aims are ambitious and our charitable purpose ensures we are the best partners for Local Authorities.

Work with us to achieve great social outputs, sustainability, diversity and inclusivity - together we can make a real difference.

Need an Affordable Workspace® for your Creative Business?

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