Developer Meanwhile Space

What is Meanwhile Space?

Simply put, redundant, planning pending, dilapidated or difficult buildings that are expensive to hold and pay rates on, insure, maintain security and maintenance, pending a decision.

Asset owners do not want to dispose, but want to mitigate costs and especially rates. Join us, we remove all these costs for Landlords, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Our charitable occupation is an ethical and a legal alternative to live in property guardianship, which is outlawed, but few know it.


We create affordable low rent units on short term leases to suit the owner and help those in need to start, grow and develop their business.

As operating experts we treat your property as if it were our own and have a significant employed team, that completes in house maintenance

What Do We Seek

Pretty much any space, where asset owners want to save a lot of money, in working with us. Vacant railway arches, office buildings to be refurbished or upgraded with fresh planning building, redundant retail space, we are here for asset owners. Try us.

Why Work With Us If You Have Temporary “Meanwhile Space” Available

As a community infrastructure company, our charitable intent drives us to ensure empty and redundant spaces are bought to life by creating temporary workspaces to support entrepreneurship in all its forms from tech to trades and art to film.

Across our communities, talents and age groups have been decimated and by you helping us to give a helping hand to those in most need, you can join us in being proud that you make a real difference to London.

All our spaces are affordable and well below local market rents and with your help as an asset owner, our communities and residents are helped to build back a better tomorrow.

Those under represented or in need, come first and with a professional track record of operating, managing multi sites and over 1,000 tenants (we call customers) that our teams currently manage and growing, we are the best in the business, fair, honourable and commercial.

We fund the mentoring, teaching, training and provide the foundation for those in need; proud of our exceptional track record and known through the London Boroughs.

We Save You as an Asset Owner Hundreds of Thousands of £s a Year, and so Everyone Wins

Whether you are awaiting a planning permission, reworking a development or require a reduction in significant security, maintenance and other holding costs, we can save you a fortune.

We are flexible on time that suits you, location and are very easy to do business with, infact its what we are known for.

Need an Affordable Workspace® for your Creative Business?

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