Policy E3 and what you need to know?

The Mayor of London’s 2021 E3 policy is a game changer for developers.

Any s106 commercial Agreement, directs affordable workspace and interesting workspaces as part of a planning condition. The aim is to garner the talent in Boroughs and retain and attract all types of SME employment to prevent migration and enrich communities.

It covers tech to trades and creative industries are at the forefront  of this post Covid employment generative push.

This will lead to much of London’s future innovation and enterprise, providing all communities with the availability of affordable workspaces.

The local authorities have introduced affordable workspace policies in some form across London and these have mostly been aimed at securing subsidised premises from major office schemes.. With affordable workspace often defined as workspace that has a rental value below the market rate, generally 50-80% of the market rate or less, the smart developer engages planning teams with win wins to secure the best planning outcome

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