London Mayors' Policy E3

London Mayor's 2021 Plan: Policy E3 - Affordable Workspace Provision

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Since the 2021 London Plan was adopted, introducing the dedicated policy for securing subsidised workspaces in London, Local Authorities have been busy evolving their Affordable Workspace policies in accordance with Policy E3 of the Mayor’s plan, with London Boroughs generally requiring 10% provision of Affordable Workspace on 1,000 sq m schemes and triggered by schemes of 500 sq m of employment space.

Post-COVID, ensuring that micro businesses and start-ups contribute to communities and that talent is retained is core to all London Boroughs and this policy is set to gain significant momentum, just as affordable housing did a decade ago. CICs and charities as operators have to work to strict onward caps and discounts, and provide significant social outputs and community benefits.

Choosing the right operator has never been more important.

We Have a Lot to Offer Developers Who Choose to Partner With Us Which Includes Our Dedicated Experienced Team

All London Boroughs consider Affordable Workspaces to be considered a ‘public benefit’ when determining planning applications. 10% of the space will usually be required as affordable space, with at least half of that to be occupied by start-ups or early-stage businesses.

Smart developers embracing this new policy, secure planning gain much quicker, are prioritised and benefit from incredible PR that positively enhances their brand.

We have a lot to offer developers who choose to partner with us which includes our dedicated experienced team.

Meanwhile Space

Simply put, redundant, planning pending, dilapidated or difficult buildings that are expensive to hold and pay rates on, insure, maintain security and maintenance, pending a decision. 

Asset owners do not want to dispose of, but want to mitigate costs and especially rates. Join us! We remove all these costs for Landlords, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Our charitable occupation is an ethical and legal alternative to living in property guardianship, which is outlawed, but few know it.

We create affordable low-rent units on short-term leases to suit the owner and help those in need to start, grow and develop their business.

As operating experts, we treat your property as if it were our own and have a significant employed team, that completes in-house maintenance

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